1) Cell Phone and/or PC
2) Internet connection
3) Credit or debit card
4) $10/month investment
5) 10 minutes set-up time

- What is the "Catch?"
In order to be successful and make money, you will need to Get 3 others to invest only $10 per month and start their residual income business opportunity.  All you need to do is GET 3.

- What PRODUCTS do I get for $10 per month?
1) Domain name
2) Hosting
3) Up to 10 Free email addresses
4) Website builder
5) Income opportunity. 10% commission plus bonuses!

- Is this legit?
YES.  With GDi, there is a legitimate product associated with the $10 per month investment and a 10% commission.  No big $295 "Buy In" to get your business started.  No hidden fees.  This is an easy way to get your own business started.  GDi has been around since 1998.

- How do I set up my GDi back office account?

See our Sign Up
Checklist for all the details

- Who do I sign up under?
Sign up under the person that referred you to this site.
Visit our
Mentors page for a list of local mentors

- I have questions and need help.  Who can I call?

See our Mentors page for someone in your area.

- How can I jumpstart my business?  I just signed up.

We have created a JumpStart Kit which includes:
- Business Cards
- Post Card Flyers
- FREE landing page on
- Order your JumpStart Kit today!

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